Land Use and Demographics Along the IBX Corridor

Based on MapPluto data, this map shows the unused development rights along the corridor. The way the unused FAR is calculated here is by subtracting the “BuiltFAR” value from the greatest value out of the three maximum allowable FAR values of “Residential FAR”, “Commercial FAR” and “Facilities FAR”. The negative values indicate overbuilt lots, and are shown in white in the map.

Land Ownership

This map shows the Land Use and Owner data from MapPluto.

Household Income and Social Vulnerability Maps

Maps of income, population density and social vulnerability scores along the corridor in the region.
Please uncheck layers on the right hand side legend to visualize different data and hover over census tracts or block groups to see the values.

Social vulnerability data is from The two scores visualized here are Socioeconomic (RPL_THEME1) and housing-transportation vulnerability (RPL_THEME4).  See for more info.